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This web site domain name was established for the Rolleston College EBoT in 2014. Now that the school is completed, this web site has been superceded by the school's official web site

This web site was the temporary web site for the Rolleston College Establishment Board of Trustees (EBoT). The site was set up at the beginning of the project to be a conduit for information to the community.

On the 1st of February 2017 Rolleston College was opened. Shortly after, the school's official web site was activated and took over the role of being the school's official web site.
This web site you're on now will shut down some time in the near future.

Within 6 months of a new school opening, elections for a standard Board of Trustees must be held and once in place, the EBoT will disband and hand the goverance of the school over to the new BoT.

At the time of writing this, nominations for the Board had closed and an election was due to take place. The EBoT is scheduled to be disbanded, as required to, within a month.

Visit the official Rolleston College web site at

Rolleston College's EBoT would like to thank the Rolleston College community for their support throughout the 3.5 year project of establishing the new school. Many of our public meetings were full to capacity and the feedback significant. The EBoT listened to its community and they can have the confidence that Rolleston College is a result of that community input.

The EBoT would also like to thank the management and staff teams of the College. Their role in establishing the college from nothing and forfilling the Board's Vision and Values was a significant task, the results of which they can be very proud of. Thank you.


What is the difference between an EBoT (Established Board of Trustees) and BoT (Board of Trustees)?
An EBoT is appointed by the Ministry of Education, from applicants within the future school's community. Their task is to establish a new school and oversee the project on behalf of the school's community.
A BoT is restricted to being a governance organisation. It does not take part in any management role. The conduit between a governing Board and a school's management team is the Principal.
An EBoT does have a management role in the establishment of a new school. A school starting from the beginning does not have staff and so the EBoT handles all aspects of the project to establish the school until a Principal and the remainder of the management team are employed. With the appointment of the new team, the EBoT's management role begins to reduce, but will still remain until it is disbanded and the BoT takes over. As already outlined, except for special circumstances, the new BoT does not have a management role in operating a school.